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  1. January 21st, (Monday): Birthday, Zodiac & Weekday
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When unsatisfied, they tend to hold on too long to those they once fell in love with, treasuring them like an old ornament or a trophy, not really aware that the time has come to move on. People born on January 21st excel in all matters that need someone to take responsibility. They will be good as functionaries in high positions, politicians and researchers, always standing at the edge of some sort of risk to prevent the catastrophe from coming their way.

Protective of those around them, they could serve their time in military, or enroll in some sort of a state institution with a strong structure. They make excellent plans, and as open for higher spheres as they are, they absorb higher knowledge with ease, finding faith and feeling protected by the higher force.

January 21st, (Monday): Birthday, Zodiac & Weekday

Snowflake obsidian helps those born on January 21st lead their emotions to the surface and examine harmful thought patterns. It is a stone of purity and helps one stay centered and focused when a chaotic situation presents itself in their life. This crystal removes negativity from a person or the space that surrounds it. To choose a gift for a person born on this date, it is wise to look at their home and see their need of the moment through the state of their house.

The atmosphere surrounding them could help choose an appropriate piece of art, a painting that serves their emotional state, or a sculpture that fits in the most peaceful corner of their room. It is best to choose a gift with esthetic value, a bit pricy, but based on their state of heart and the way they perceive the world at that moment. Curious, open for any new experiences, and sensitive enough to stick around, this is someone who will give just enough freedom to everyone in their life, asking for the same in return.

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Overburdened with family issues, they could have quite an emotional baggage and be unaware of it until pressured into self-recognition. It is not a bad idea for these people to do everything that is connected to a specific type of competition — they need to do something useful. Extreme sports, some projects or innovations, competition in some games, anything that will motivate people who are born on the January Every championship in the sport. Volleyball, skating and gymnastics, but matches in mathematics and physics, too -this all could work for them.

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In their work environment, they are loud as they argue, but they quickly calm down — they are loved by their colleagues, these people mean no harm. Same as all Aquarius, that is, in fact, a male sign of Zodiac, these people are also filled with male energy, which means that people who are born on the January 21 are under the intense, almost masculine strength; and this could be seen in their inability to understand and show their emotions.

These people are under the primary rule of the planet Uranus, and by traditional astrology, under the planet Saturn. They are symbolically connected to the sky and are attracted to everything that is unusual, different, they are those who think they are always at the top of the world, and so many things do not matter to them.

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January 21 Zodiac Sign

His modest studio closed in due to the rapid development of the film industry. The eclipse highlights your thinking, writing, and speaking skills. Mercury enters your international and educational sectors, sending you to the far corners of the academic and global worlds. Bon voyage!

What keeps your heart safe, Cancer? The eclipse helps you find your beliefs on confidence, income, and places that make you feel safe.

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Mercury enters your intimacy sector on Thursday, allowing for sexy dialogue and meaningful mental chemistry over the next three weeks! Rise and roar, Leo! This eclipse shines for you. A powerful reset or change of heart inspires your courage and confidence to sparkle, so show the world—especially your romantic partners—what royalty looks like. Mercury enters your love zone, inspiring opposites-attract style chemistry, compromise, and date nights for weeks. Mercury enters your mental, emotional, and physical health zones on Thursday, inspiring you to get in tip-top shape on all personal-growth fronts.

You put the commune in community, Libra!

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  6. No one facilitates friendship and group dynamics quite like you, and the eclipse is giving you the opportunity to grace us with your social skills and leadership. Mercury inspires new ways of thinking about confidence, creativity, and open-heartedness—lean into all three for magical results.

    Rise and shine, Scorpio! The eclipse supercharges your career zone to magnetize professional opportunities and success.